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Ellie G.

Out of all the the estate sale companies in Albuquerque your sales are my favorite. Everything is always well priced and meticulously organized.

Happy Woman

Tammie A.

The house looks amazing!!! My realtor was blown away! She had been to the house before I found you and hadn't seen any pictures. I wish I had a picture of her face to share with you from when she walked in.

Happy woman

Deanna D.

Super friendly and helpful staff. Always great items to browse through. Definitely one of my top pics for estate sale companies!

And more...

This company is great, and a pleasure to work with.  Made a difficult time in my life a little easier.  They worked hard on getting my dad's sale ready and maintained a sense of humor while sorting through bags and bags! I put my trust in them to handle the sale while I was in Chicago sorting through other things.  They delivered! Great communication, great people to work with, and a well run company. Mike D.

The Team at Desert Bloom Estate Sales are consummate professionals. They took my Aunt’s estate in a state of disarray and totally organized it. From start to finish they did absolutely everything they said they would. That’s unheard of in today’s business world. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone needing their services. They took care of everything and the house was ready for occupancy the evening of the last day of their sale. Just an incredible effort by this group of tremendous logisticians. — Sandy P.


After months of being overwhelmed with an Estate that spanned multi-generational items, I was given Desert Bloom's contact information. The team did an amazing job. They were able to take a difficult situation and make it easy on me and my family at a time when we needed it the most. Thank you so much for thinking outside the box on this one and leaving us with a peaceful and clean space. — Honey B.

Desert Bloom completed my estate sale brilliantly. I got more money than I expected! They made the house look so good during the estate sale that my realtor brought people through, and the house sold before the estate sale finished. If I were giving them a star rating, I would give them five stars. - Steve W.

Great atmosphere. Energetic staff. Competent and knowledgeable client friendly personnel. Enjoyable experience. - E. Lange

Desert Bloom has the most well curated sales and friendly staff. I always look forward to their events. — Miss Jade

Great bunch of people! They got everything organized, priced and the sale was successful! — Perry H.

Great service. Super group of ladies. — Elma S.

Awesome customer service. Such a lovely group of women. Such a pleasure. ❤️ — Lenore B.

Joyful employees. — Gael K.

Friendly, professional, and helpful staff. — John G.

Great people to work with, very nice, professional and accountable! Highly Recommend! — Billy P.

Very helpful and professional. — Curtis B.

Thanks for separating the teacher and children’s books from the “normal” books, so my time was not wasted sorting through all those children’s books! Would not have been able to stay looking at the 3 bookcases of books I was interested in, without the chair that was left next to those bookcases. Thanks so much for remembering that looking through lots of books requires time standing in one place, and my disability does not permit me to do this. — Diane K.

Well prepared presentation of the items to be sold with often a very diverse and international history. Always very friendly and helpful staff. — Rolf N.

A++++ — Barbara B.

Fair pricing and good employees of this company. Great, friendly customer service. — 👌 M. R.

Wonderful estate sale with lovely items and staffed by helpful people. Thanks for another fun experience!

Awesome Sales!! — Rosina Ashford

You guys are always the best! — M. Lake-Dellangelo


Nice job, y'all — R. Prather


Perfection all the way 🙌


Very helpful, friendly employees! — F. Clark


Wonderful sale. You always have an excellent staff. — R. Braun



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