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Desert Bloom Estate Sales was established in 2020 and quickly emerged as one of the most reliable and trusted estate sales companies in the Albuquerque metro area. Owner, Michelle Potter, has lived in the Albuquerque area for over 20 years, and before starting Desert Bloom, she owned and operated Potter Décor where she led remodeling and decorating projects in residential and commercial spaces all over the city. Michelle has brought these talents and skills to Desert Bloom, and along with a talented and experienced team, Desert Bloom has become one of the top estate sales companies around!

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Michelle Potter is the owner of Desert Bloom Estate Sales and handles all the client and customer relations. She brings years of experience in home and business interior design. Previously owner of Potter Décor, Michelle has transformed homes and offices across Albuquerque. She brings to our company an ability to organize and stage homes which makes Desert Bloom homes stand out amongst competing estate sale companies. Also specializing in elder care and consulting for regional families, Michelle’s caring compassion is a bonus for all our clients. And when she's not working, you'll find her on the track playing for Elevated Roller Derby!

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Alexis Schaumburg is our home prep strategist and crew scheduler for Desert Bloom Estate Sales. Alexis brings years of customer care and client relations experience to our team. She is a mother of three beautiful little girls and lives in the East Mountains with her family and their animals - which are too numerous to count! 


Mike Potter is our marketing and financial director. He brings 30 years of organizational leadership, web design, and marketing experience to Desert Bloom. In addition to being married to the owner of Desert Bloom, Michelle, for over 30 years, he has led a successful Amazon third party business and has hosted and produced a variety of local and national radio programs and national podcasts since 1992. He loves good music, his wife, his kids, and his 6 grandkids. 


CALL US AT: (505) 450-8052


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