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Survivalists, Campers, and Hunters—Oh My!
Saturday & Sunday, August 20–21, 2022

Besides the usual interesting and useful household items, this home also contains everything someone would need to survive the Zombi Apocalypse in duplicate. Many of the items at this sale are like-new, unused, or new in box. If you are interested in MRE emergency essential foods—lesbian fiction—or camping outdoor equipment, bring a truck and a friend! This home is filled to the brim!


6415 Bosque Meadows Pl NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120

Two-Day Estate Sale—

Saturday, August 20, 9am–3pm

Sunday, August 21, 9am–2pm (Half-price day!)

Items for Sale:​

Survivalist and camping supplies and equipment 

  • N95 masks (3M)

  • MRE emergency essential foods (NIB)

  • Canned garden seeds 

  • Dual cartridge respirator

  • Survival books

  • Coleman equipment including classic stove and liquid dual fuel stove (NIB)

  • Backpacks

  • Tents from Cabella

  • Sleeping bags 

  • Emergency essential kits

  • Portable charcoal grill 

  • Heavy duty camp grills 

  • Camping shovel

  • Portable food storage 

  • Water purification supplies 

  • Portable solar showers 

  • Water tanks and dispensers

  • Manual (hand crank) Blenders, coffee grinders, coffee makers

  • Cast iron pans

  • Paper and plastic plates, cups, utensils 

  • Charcoal 

  • Snap lights

  • Hand warmers 

  • Matches, lighters 

  • Wireless LED lights

  • Clothing line and clips

  • Coleman, Dietz, Vont, and V&O oil lanterns

  • Blankets, electric heating pads, tarps

  • PVC, scrap wood, poles

  • Multi purpose pumps


  • Sony HDMI CD/DVD player 

  • Sound bar 

  • Bedding and linens

  • Men’s 3 XL new clothing

  • Women’s XXL new clothing 

  • Unisex XXL-3 XL new clothing

  • Short filing cabinet, office supplies 

  • Candles, many decorative items

  • Massage table (Master Massage Products)

  • Native American decorative items, drums, rattles, and books 

  • Bells, cymbals, tambourines, drums

  • Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls...

  • Craft supplies, yarn, candle making supplies 

  • Healthcare and beauty supplies

  • Sanitary napkins (NIB)

  • Geriatric supplies and equipment including walkers, shower seats, gloves, wipes, gauze, sponges, bandages, surgical tape

  • Home dental repair and cleaning tools

  • Diabetic supplies 

  • Cleaning supplies 

  • Kitchen wrap, aluminum foil 

  • Household products supplies

  • Pipe tobacco and cigarette making supplies

  • Shells 

  • Lesbian fiction (100s of books)

  • Kindle

  • Yard tools


  • Weedwacker 

  • Sprayers for chemicals

  • Raised bed garden (NIB)

  • Push brooms, mops

  • Hoes, shovels, squeegees 

  • Steel utility tubs

  • Steel trash cans

  • Outdoor rope lights

  • Vintage iron outdoor settee

  • Metal outdoor tables 

  • Wind chimes


  • Xena Warrior Princess collectibles, clothing, and sealed DVDs (NIB)

  • New in box DVDs including Hercules (TV series)


  • Baking pans (glass and metal), storage canisters, measuring cups, mortars, casserole dishes, carafes 

  • Cuisinart food processor 

  • HealthMaster blender

  • Juicers 

  • Cast iron and non stick pans

  • Kettles, pots, silverware 

  • Indoor grill

  • Zojirushi rice cooker and warmer

  • Water dispenser

  • Brita carafes and filters


  • Console tables

  • XL reclining chair

  • Corner cabinet 

  • Wicker chairs and glass topped table 

  • Oak kitchen chairs and round table

  • Sombraje narrow cabinet

  • Baskets

  • Wood wardrobes 

  • Wire shelves

  • Lamps 

Cash and Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa) accepted. No personal checks, please.

Street parking is limited. Please observe the neighborhood signs and be courteous toward the residents.

To learn more about the women who run Desert Bloom Estate Sales, follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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